Price Increases

Unfortunately, soon I will have to increase prices.

Due to selling laws in the UK I will soon have to start charging VAT (20% UK sales tax), this in combination with supplier price increases of between 8-12% means I will unfortunately have to increases prices. I have avoided this for as long as I can but can't afford to any longer if I still want to run a viable businesses.

I will absorb as much of these increases as I can as I still want to keep prices as low as possible for the calibre of product I'm offering. Almost all product offered by MTM are fully organic/ recycled materials and all sustainably made, this in its self already puts my costs up more then using normal materials.

Due to me running the brand on my own, I make cost savings in other areas which allows me to pass them on to you.

All prices will increase after the next drop on the 14th of October.

Below is a table with full details on the price increases so there are no surprises. Please be aware VAT is 20% of sales and my supplier costs have increased 8-12%, I have absorbed as much as I can.

Item Old Price New Price Increase % Increase Amount
Tees £30 £34 13% £4
£27 Tees £27 £30 11% £3
Pullover Hoodie £59 £67 14% £8
Light Zip-up £54 £61 13% £7
Heavy Zip-up £57 £64 12% £7
Joggers 55 £63 13% £8
Body Warmer 75 £84 12% £9