Friday 9th December Limited Drop Preview

This next capsule of products from Moving To Mars releases on Friday the 9th of December (09.12.2023) at 6pm UK time. 

This is my first limited run drop, all items will be very limited in quantity and most likely wont ever restock. Most future drops will now be limited via the "Exclusive Drops" store page and will only remain open for 4 days after a release.

All newsletter subs get 1 hour early access to all drops so sign up if you never want to miss out and always want a better chance at getting the items you want. 

This drops 'Dated Drop Day Tee' is dated to 09.12.22 and will be available for 48 hours only.



Infinite Possibilities Hoodie - £66

Logo Tees - £34

Dated Drop Day Tee (48 hour exclusive and dated to day of the drop) - £34

Infinite Possibilities Tees - £34

687 'American Brown' Hoodie - £77

Saturn Logos 'Cream' Zip Up - £64